The Perfect Contour promise: We understand there is high requirements when it comes to pigments, not only are colours important, high quality and safety are of equal importance. 

All of our pigments are created with close cooperation with industry testers, medical experts and chemists. Each of our pigments is manufactured using only FDA approved ingredients and complying with high standards, set out in GMP (good manufacturing practice) resulting in quality-produced pigments.

Perfect Contour pigments:

  • Safe and conform to worldwide regulations
  • FDA approved ingredients
  • Specially made for optimum colour insertion
  • True colours with no unwanted hues and aromas
  • Long lasting and fade as true colours
  • Private labeling available

The Perfect Contour pigment range: consists of various lip colours ranging from vibrant shades of lipstick colours to soft natural shades. Our pigments come in a diverse range from balanced eyebrow colours of pale grey/blonde to stronger dark browns for Asian skin tones. Strong eyeliner looks from black to soft slates along with many contemporary tones. Each pigment comes in a 10ml bottle

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10 x 4-F Needles

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